Midifier is an audio plugin that converts monophonic audio tracks to MIDI data in real-time. Using Midifier, you can control your MIDI devices vocally or with another instrument. Midifier can also act as a substitute for MIDI keyboard.

How it works:

Put some audio material on one track in your sequencer, set up Midifier and a MIDI track for output, and press the play the button of your sequencer. It's that simple.
Midifier transforms the audio to MIDI notes on-the-fly. Your melody will be played back with the instrument you set up for the MIDI output track. Or you can set up Midifier to save the result of the conversion to a MIDI file.

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Midifer has two main application areas:
  • Take an existing audio material, for example a vocal track, and make a synth melody out of it. See Example 1 at the sound samples.
  • Use Midifier in place of your MIDI keyboard to enter music into the computer, allowing you to record an expressive solo with your guitar, sax or vocal and convert it to MIDI. See Example 2.

Made for musicians not for scientists. Just plug in and play.
Exact pitch with exact timing. Precise bass attacks and high-pitched fast vibratos.
MIDI notes generated on-the-fly.
No need to import/export data from/to an external program.
Insensitive to input instruments
Works with a wide range of instruments, including vocal.
You don't need any special hardware for Midifer to work. Connect your electric instruments to your mixer or record your acoustic instruments with a mic.

Midifier is available for PC/Windows as a VST plugin.

You can use Midifier with any PC sequencer or audio editor software which supports DirectX or VST plugins. Even if you don't own any of those programs you can use Midifier with a free, saving-disabled trial version of an audio editor or sequencer. See manual for details.

Midifier 1.1 has been tested with the following programs: Sonar, Cubase R5 and SX, Nuendo, SoundForge, CoolEdit, WaveLab.

Mac version expected to be released around August-September. RTAS version is also planned.

There are three files for each example. The first one is the audio input we fed into the Midifier. The second is the resulting MIDI sequence. The third one is the MIDI file rendered into audio.

Files Description
Female vocal converted to organ+synth solo
We've also added a drum line
Thank Epinoisis Software for the audio sample.
Blues guitar solo converted to MIDI trumpet
It also contains a bass line recorded with the same guitar and Midifier'd to MIDI acoustic bass.

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